The HIGHer Thoughts Radio station is now currently on the air! We are in the process of developing the HIGHer Thinking Podcast, which will broadcast on Saturday’s at 4:20PM each week!

G – A Physics Teacher with a deep understanding of how the world and universe work, provides a scientific view of the topics that we will be discussing.

K – A Self-Proclaimed Agnostic who is always there to provide a very “devil’s advocate” attitude for all topics discussed.

J – A retired Pentecostal minister who has a very eclectic view of both religion and the universe, provides us with a view from the standard Christian worldview, as well as a different view from the spiritual side.

Topics to be discussed in the first few episodes may include the CIA Gateway Process documents, Simulation Hypothesis, and so much more! Keep an eye on the site for when the podcast will begin broadcasting!

We are an independent online radio station, broadcasting 24/7!  New shows and information is being added every day!

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